With RS160 no longer enter a freezing cold car. With the press of a button you can warm your vehicle from up to 1000 feet away. Plus remotely lock and unlock your doors.


  • Two 4-button remote transmitters.
  • Extended range receiver designed to maximize the operating range of the remote transmitters. Up to 1000 feet range.
  • Status LED illuminated indicator that provides system status information.
  • Valet/Service Mode switch- Used to disable the remote starting system when the vehicle needs to be serviced or turned over to a parking attendant.
  • Brake pedal shutdown- shuts down the RS160 when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Hood pin switch protection-prevents the engine from being started when being serviced.
  • Automatic tachless or tach learning engine run recognition modes.
  • Gas or diesel vehicles.
  • Remote start and run the vehicle for preset times depending on the run time selected.
  • Pit stop mode- allows you to remove the ignition key and exit vehicle while keeping the engine running during short stops.
  • Auto Cold Starting-automatically starts the vehicle every two hours and runs for the preset run time.
  • Parking lights flash to confirm operation.

Remote start for Fuel-Injected Automatic Transmission Vehicles only.


  • Lock and unlock transmitter buttons to operate power door locks at a distance.
  • Trunk/hatch trunk release
  • Dome light (lights the car’s interior for safer entry).
  • Horn output to confirm door lock unlock operation.
  • Ignition controlled door lock/unlock.

Some of the above keyless entry features may require a relay to change module polarity output to vehicle polarity.

Additional information: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Most vehicles require a standard by pass or programmable data bus interface module for remote starting. The vehicle wiring guide at will tell you what type is required. If your vehicle is not shown in the guide, please call 1-800-624-0500 or use the customer feedback form at  to request information.