Advanced alarm system for total vehicle protection plus keyless entry.


  • Two 4 button remotes. Up to 200 feet range.
  • Monitors doors, trunk and hood while armed.
  • Dual-stage impact sensor chirps the siren as a warning when light impacts are detected and sounds the alarm fully when heavy impacts occur.
  • High-output, multi-tone siren goes off when a protected zone is violated.
  • Starter interrupt
  • Siren chirps or remains silent upon locking and unlocking-you choose.
  • Active or passive arming: Active arming turns on alarm by pressing button one on the remote. Passive arming turns on the alarm by pressing button one or will automatically arm without pressing button one when the last door is closed.
  • Programmable for either mode.
  • Remote panic/car finder through the siren.
  • Negative and positive polarity door inputs.


  • Lock and unlock transmitter buttons to operate power door locks at a distance.
  • Trunk/hatch release button.
  • Can be programmed to lock and unlock doors with ignition on and off.
  • Flashing parking lights to confirm door lock unlock operation.
  • Horn output to confirm door lock unlock operation, car finder or panic (triggers horn in an emergency).
  • Starter defeat as theft deterrent.
  • Illuminated entry dome light supervision (lights the car’s interior for safer entry).

Some of the above keyless entry features may require a relay to change module polarity output to vehicle polarity.